• 4 nights Onong Resort

  • 6 boat dives

  • all local transfers

  • half board

  • free WiFi

The resort is located directly on its house reef overlooking Bunaken, the volcano Manado Tua and the North Sulawesi coast. Our resort consists of 10 spacious rooms. The 4 Sea View Cottages with stunning views of Manado and Bunaken and the 3 Garden view Cottages, which are built in traditional Minahasa style of North Sulawesi, are equipped with a double bed, air conditioning and a ceiling fan. In the three standard rooms there is a fan and air conditioning – on request and with surcharge. The associated private bathrooms are at the end of a short corridor. Facilities include a restaurant with bar and billiard table and a massage room.

You reach the resort by a boat trip of 40 minutes starting from Mapia Resort or 20 minutes starting from Wori, a small village north of Manado.

Whenever not under water our guests can enjoy our private beach, snorkel our popular house reef, get pampered with a massage or just unwind in the serenity of Siladen.

The deep blue waters around Siladen and the Bunaken National Park are amongst the best in the world for diving and snorkeling. Most dives from the Onong Resort will take place around the island of Bunaken with its stunning walls that seem to drop endlessly into the deep and are populated by a vast diversity of corals and sponges, fishes and turtles, before ending in the beautiful coral gardens on the reef tops. Other exciting dive sites that we visit are around Manado Tua and Montehage islands. But our house reef is also home to abundant sea life and should not be missed.

Night dives – a must at Bunaken National Park – are frequently available and Mandarin fish dives can be organized, too. Night dives with Blue Light are available!

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